Hi, we’re Tuttu!

Tuttu is a free, open-use, browser-based audio recorder.

Anyone can Tuttu to create audio files that are immediately shareable by link, for any digital doc and platform, or by QR code, to be used digitally or printed to create interactivity.

You don’t need an account to create or listen to Tuttu audio. But if you’d like early access to Tuttu accounts for more detailed management of your audio files in the future, sign up below!

Tuttu was designed to enable everything from holding online impersonation contests, to creating audio guides for lesson plans.

We’ve even seen organisations use Tuttu to create treasure hunts and tourist routes, printing QR codes that users scan on-site for an audio guide of their live view.

In the future we hope to see an increasing amount of educational and interactive audio content produced by Tuttu users, but hope that above all you will use this platform to create fun audio-centric experiences for others!

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More about Tuttu:

It’s rare, but accidents can happen. Read our Disclaimers page for clarity on what, why, and how.

We collect visitation data to ensure our platform is stable, and otherwise do our best to protect our users from any excess tracking or monitoring. If you’d like more insight to how and why we collect and manage data, read our Privacy Policy page.

More information on the use of Tuttu for:

  • Schools & Institutions (coming soon!)

  • Museums & Foundations (coming soon!)

  • Treasure Hunts & Travel (coming soon!)