Tuttu is a professionally built and managed tool, but accidents do occasionally happen. Audio recordings may get lost or corrupted for reasons out of our control, but we do our best to ensure a stable and reliable purpose.

Before any important recordings are made, please test Tuttu on the device and context you hope to use it in.

We strongly recommend avoiding using Tuttu as a primary recording service on anything that can or will not have an opportunity to be rerecorded.

More about Tuttu

We collect visitation data to ensure our platform is stable, and otherwise do our best to protect our users from any excess tracking or monitoring. If you’d like more insight to how and why we collect and manage data, read our Privacy Policy page.

More information on the use of Tuttu for:

  • Schools & Institutions (coming soon!)

  • Museums & Foundations (coming soon!)

  • Treasure Hunts & Travel (coming soon!)