Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save my Tuttu recordings?

Once you’ve finished recording, you can save your audio by clicking on the Save button. You’ll then have the option to Download and/or Share your Tuttu recording.

How many Tuttu recordings can I do?

As many as you want, but each recording needs to be done individually.

What is the maximum recording time on Tuttu?

You can record for as long as you want. The circular bar you see on the recording screen fills up every 10 minutes, but then goes round again. However, we always recommend you only record for as long as you need to.

How do I delete a Tuttu recording?

Recordings only get stored when you press Save. You’ll be able to delete your recording by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the Play button, then select Delete.

Will my Tuttu recordings be deleted?

They won’t be deleted unless you choose to delete them yourself. If recordings are flagged as inappropriate however, we’ll review the flagged audio first, then delete it should we find it goes against our content policies or terms of use. You can also download your Tuttu recordings if you want.

How do I report a Tuttu recording I find inappropriate?

You’ll be able to report a recording by clicking on the 3 dots to the right of the Play button, then select Flag as inappropriate.

Can I upload my own audio to Tuttu?

Yes. Click the Upload button at the bottom of the Home screen, then select the mp3 you want to upload. You’ll then be able to share your uploaded audio.

How can I improve the quality of my Tuttu recording?

  • Record in a small, quiet room to avoid echo/reverb

  • Watch your volume levels when speaking into the mic

  • That there’s little to no background noise/interference.

  • If you’re using recording equipment they’re working well and plugged in correctly

  • You have good internet connection

Are my Tuttu recordings secure?

Your recordings are completely secure and we do not use them in any capacity.

How do I remove Tuttu branding if I embed audio on my website?

If you would like to remove the Tuttu branding from your embedded player, please contact us

Is it possible to change the styling of the Tuttu embedded player?

If you would like to change the styling for your embedded player, please contact us

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