The Ultimate Guide to K-12 Online Teaching Resources: Get the Most Bang for Your Buck!

A Comprehensive List of K-12 Online Teaching Resources to Elevate Your Classroom Experience

Are you a new teacher or just looking to spice up your classroom with the latest and greatest online teaching resources? Fear not! We've got you covered.

This exhaustive guide is designed to help you navigate the vast ocean of online resources available for K-12 educators. We've done the heavy lifting so you can focus on what matters most – your students!

1. Free and Affordable Online Teaching Resources for Every Year Level

As a teacher, we know you're always on the lookout for ways to stretch your budget. That's why we've compiled this extensive list of free and affordable online resources, sorted by year level and subject matter.

1.1: Primary School Resources

English Language Arts

  1. Starfall (Free)

  2. Storyline Online (Free)

  3. Newsela (Free/Paid)

  4. ReadWriteThink (Free)

  5. Scholastic Learn at Home (Free/Paid)


  1. CoolMath4Kids (Free)

  2. Math Playground (Free)

  3. IXL Maths (Paid)

  4. SplashLearn (Free/Paid)

  5. Prodigy Game (Free)


  1. Mystery Science (Free/Paid)

  2. National Geographic Kids (Free)

  3. Science Buddies (Free)

  4. Bill Nye The Science Guy (Free)

  5. BrainPOP Jr. (Paid)

Social Studies

  1. Time for Kids (Free/Paid)

  2. National Geographic Kids (Free)

  3. iCivics (Free)

  4. BrainPOP Jr. (Paid)

  5. Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government (Free)

1.2: Secondary School Resources

English Language Arts

  1. ReadTheory (Free)

  2. NoRedInk (Free/Paid)

  3. CommonLit (Free)

  4. Tween Tribune (Free)

  5. ReadWorks (Free)


  1. Khan Academy (Free)

  2. IXL Maths (Paid)

  3. MathGames (Free)

  4. Mathalicious (Paid)

  5. Desmos (Free)


  1. CK-12 (Free)

  2. PhET Interactive Simulations (Free)

  3. Science Buddies (Free)

  4. BrainPOP (Paid)

  5. Discovery Education (Paid)

Social Studies

  1. iCivics (Free)

  2. PBS LearningMedia (Free)

  3. Crash Course (Free)

  4. DocsTeach (Free)

  5. National Geographic Education (Free)

1.3: Sixth Form Resources

English Language Arts

  1. CommonLit (Free)

  2. Project Gutenberg (Free)

  3. Grammarly (Free/Paid)

  4. Purdue Online Writing Lab (Free)

  5. (Free)


  1. Khan Academy (Free)

  2. IXL Maths (Paid)

  3. Desmos (Free)

  4. Geogebra (Free)

  5. Mathway (Free/Paid)


  1. CK-12 (Free)

  2. PhET Interactive Simulations (Free)

  3. OpenStax (Free)

  4. SciShow (Free)

  5. The Biology Project (Free)

Social Studies

  1. iCivics (Free)

  2. PBS LearningMedia (Free)

  3. World History Matters (Free)

  4. National Archives (Free)

  5. TED-Ed (Free)

2. Bonus Section: The Tuttu Advantage - A Key Resource for Teachers

In light of our discussion of resources, we feel compelled to mention Tuttu, our personal favourite tool. Tuttu is a fantastic, free online audio recorder that will transform how you distribute and incorporate audio into your educational products. Why Tuttu is the best, in our opinion:

Subheadline 2.1: The Unbeatable Qualities of Tuttu

  1. Record audio of any length: Tuttu has you covered whether you need to record a quick explanation or an extended lecture.

  2. Add a title and save it: Use custom titles to organise your recordings.

  3. A permanent URL for convenient sharing: After saving your recording, you'll have a specific URL to distribute to students or coworkers.

  4. Share via an HTML, URL, or QR code: Flexibility is essential! You can share your recordings with Tuttu in a variety of ways depending on your need.

  5. Speed and skipping choices for playback: With customisable playback speed and the option to fast-forward and rewind by 10-second intervals, you can meet the needs of your students.

  6. Extremely simple to use: Tuttu is user-friendly and intuitive, even if you're not a tech expert.

Tuttu is ideal for recording audio walkthroughs for tasks, sending lecture materials to stand-ins, and giving students voice feedback. Tuttu is a game-changer for teachers everywhere thanks to its simplicity of use and plethora of capabilities.

3: Suggestions for New or Inexperienced Teachers

The sheer amount of internet teaching resources that are available may feel overwhelming to a rookie or less experienced instructor. We've gathered some crucial advice to assist you in navigating this digital environment:

3.1: Begin Small and Expand

Try not to use all the resources at once. Start with one or two, and as you get more comfortable with each tool, add more.

3.2: Make Use of Free Resources

There is no shortage of free resources available. It's better to try out free tools first before committing to any paid resources.

3.3: Quality Over Quantity

Focus on the quality of the tools you use rather than the quantity. A few great tools can make a world of difference in your teaching.

3.4: Ask for Recommendations

Reach out to other teachers and educators in your network and ask them about the resources they find most useful.

3.5: Test the Resources

Before using a new tool in a lesson, make sure you've thoroughly tested it to ensure it works as expected.


The internet has an abundance of teaching resources available at your fingertips. It's all about finding the right ones that fit your teaching style and subject matter. Remember, it's not about using the most tools, but using the right tools. Keep exploring, and you'll find the perfect resources to enhance your teaching and make your lessons engaging and effective.